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THANK YOU for visiting us here at the Eco Pro Surf Series, a Florida and Caribbean based
professional surf series serving as the core fundraiser for Waves of Impact, a 501(c)3.
Waves of Impact serves coastal communities up and down Florida’s coast and beyond providing opportunities
for children to learn to surf, appreciate and understand our coastal habitats, and creates the
next generation of ambassadors for coastal conservation and ocean preservation.

Your interest in supporting the Eco Pro Surf Series is a big step towards showing your community how important our beaches and Florida’s sensitive environment are. While publicly speaking out for Florida’s environmental issues and concerns, Waves of Impact aims to be the voice of the people who share our coastal and environmental concerns. Through competitive surfing, a platform is created for all ages and demographics of the most environmentally aware warriors across our state, SURFERS and their FAMILIES.

Just in Florida alone, our great state is home to over 700,000 surfers which puts Florida in the top six surfing destinations in the US ( Surfing as a sport grows globally as much as 15% year over year! The average surfer takes part in pumping over 17 billion dollars into the global economy ( and that’s not even counting the global travel industry where surfers will spend as much as $12,000 on an annual surf trip to places across the globe like Indonesia, Peru and even Fiji.

Surfers are among the most environmentally conscious citizens and love working and teaching younger generations how to become the next local hero. Waves of Impact and its annual fundraiser series of events, Eco Pro Surf, was manifested and created by a team of Florida surfers from South, Central and North Florida who believe in promoting environmental awareness and community based outreach programs. Waves of Impact is 100% community funded through private and commercial donations and we need your support!

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Every year since the Eco Pro Surf Series inception, a unique sponsor deck with multiple levels to fit any business’s budget has been made available through local Board Members and Team Reps. Our plans offer media exposure with local publications like Eastern Surfing Magazine (over 130k followers on Facebook, over 95k followers on Instagram) and provide demographically precise targeted marketing through social media creating brand recognition. With Pro divisions and Amateur divisions, there are multiple benefits you’ll be interested in supporting. For information on how you can get involved, click the link below to email us today!

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