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THANK YOU for your interest in sponsoring the Eco Pro Surf Series. Competitive surfing events can be very beneficial to businesses both small and local or large and national. Why? Because just in Florida alone, our great state is home to over 700,000 surfers which puts Florida in the top six surfing destinations in the US ( Not to mention, surfing as a sport grows globally as much as 15%! The average surfer makes an annual gross income of $75,000 and every single surfer around the world is expected to pump over 17 billion dollars into the global economy at the end of 2017 ( These dollars don’t even count in the global travel industry but according to, surfers will spend as much as $12,000 on an annual surf trip to places across the globe like Indonesia, Peru and Fiji!

With so many stigmas behind whom a surfer actually is, we bet you didn’t know surfers are actually among the most environmentally conscious citizens and love working and teaching younger generations how to become the next local hero. By a team of south Florida surfers who believe in promoting environmental awareness and community based outreach programs, the Eco Pro Surf Series was grass rooted. There’s more to surfers and surfing than meets the eye and the Eco Pro invites you to learn more !

The Eco Pro has sponsor packages available for you to review that will be a perfect fit for your budget, best of all, are tax deductible because your sponsorship is a donation made directly to the managing 501(c)3 organization, Future 6 Helping Hand.

We have created a unique sponsor deck with multiple levels so you can sponsor one event or all three. Our packages offer heavy media exposure with the likes of local news networks, local publications, provides demographically precise targeted marketing, creates brand recognition and even lead generation. The Eco Pro Surf Series is covered exclusively by Eastern Surfing Magazine (ESM), ESM has almost 140,000 followers on Facebook! Does the Eco Pro have your attention yet? With five Pro divisions and seven Amateur divisions, there are multiple levels you’ll be interested in locking in. Don’t need all the hype (even though we love the attention you’re going to get), reserve a space on the sand and market your products and services to a packed beach of competitors, fans, and beach patrons who are there to support the local businesses that help make the Eco Pro possible.

Reach out as soon as possible because space is limited and you do not want to miss this amazing opportunity! Please don’t hesitate and reach out to the Eco Pro via email at or send us PM at @ecoprosurf.