Our goal is to plan, create, host family oriented professional surfing competitions and promote activities related to the beach and surfing while stimulating public interest in all ocean related activities.

The Eco Pro Surf Series will always include recognizing and benefiting local small charities that positively impact our surfing community through either surfing outreach programs and/or beach and ocean conservation.

President | Contest Director

Jim Tolliver

Vice President | Treasurer

Marisol Moreno

Design | Lead Event MC

Donny Ottofaro

Director | Event Coordinator

"Chilly" Willy Gilreath

Public Relations Director

Evan Miller

Medical Director

Dr. Corey Howell

Central FL Director

Eric Worley

Director | Event MC

Jesse Hall

Media Director

Stephanie Brown

Media Director

Matt Dayton

Technical Director

Live Heats Coordinator

Director | WSL Liaison

Dr. Scott McCranels

Director North FL

Terry Tyler